Name: Daniel António Rosa
Born: April 25, 1962
Place of Birth: Cabinda - Angola
Angolan nationality
Relationship status: Married to Susana Francisco da Conceição Barrica

• 1981. Completion of the Pre-University Pedagogical Course at the F. Engels Middle Institute, Lubango, Angola;

1986. Degree in Educational Sciences, specializing in Psychology, at the Higher Institute of Educational Sciences of Agostinho Neto University, Angola;

• 2002. Master in Personal Development and Social Intervention, University of Valencia, Spain;

• 2003. 2005- Defense of TIT (Work Tutelado for Sufficiência investigativa) and DEA (Diploma of Advanced Studies), Faculty of Psychology of the University of Valencia, Spain;

• Since 2005: Member of the Inter-American Society of Psychology (IAPA);

• 2009. Grant of the Award (Freedom of Education) and title of Honorary Professor. Institute of Educational Sciences of Lisbon, Portugal;

• 2010 - PhD in Evolutionary and Educational Psychology, Faculty of Psychology, University of Valencia, Spain.


Professional activity

• 1981-1982: Professor of Social Sciences, in Lubango;

• 1983-1986: Professor of Methodology and General Psychology of Pre-University Courses at the F. Engels Middle Institute, Lubango;

• Since 1986: Professor of Psychology at Agostinho Neto University;

• 1986-1992: Deputy to the People's Assembly (Secretary of the Committee on Social Affairs, Youth and Children);

• 1990-1991: Member of the Management and Reorganization Committee of Agostinho Neto University (appointed by Decree of the President of the Republic);

• 1991-1993: Member of the Council of the Republic;

• 1992: MPLA (First Secretary of the 8th Parliamentary Committee: Family, Youth, Childhood and Women's Promotion Committee);

• 1989-1992: Director of Youth Studies and Projects Office of the Ministry of Youth and Sports;

• 1998. Member of the Constitutional Commission of the Republic of Angola;

• 1999-2003: Minister of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Angola;

• 2003-2008: Minister of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Angola;

• From March to July 2008: Head of the SADC Election Observation Mission to the harmonized elections. of Zimbabwe;

• Since 5 June 2009: Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Angola in Portugal.


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